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Dr. Alaa Albably

Director of Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute

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Dr Said Abdalhafez

Director of Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute
Period:  3-2005 - 8-2005

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Newest Researches

Azza. R. Ahmed and Shahien M.M( 2018). Improvement of Loamy Sand Soil and Potato Plant Productivity under Integrated Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilizers.
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Abd El-Naby, S. S. M.1 and M. A. Mahmoud 2( 2018). Enhancing Irrigation Water Productivity of Rice Using Irrigation Intervals, Transplanting Methods and Weed Control in North Nile Delta
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Newest MSC. Thesis
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Amin Ismail Hasan ( 2014).
Evaluation Of Slow Release N-Fertilizers In Comparison With Others N- Fertilizers In Some Soils Of Egypt.
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Mona Fekry Ghazal ( 2014).
Biochemical Activities of Some Domestic Bacterial Isolates Against Some Root Rot Fungi Of Common Bean.
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Newest PHD. Thesis
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Ibrahim Abdel Aziem El- Akhdar ( 2014).
Role Of Some N2- Fixing microorganisms On Wheat Productivity Under Salt Stress.
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Esam Sayed Kasem Zorkany( 2014).
Scheduling Irrigation of Corn (Zea Maize Using The Evaporation Pan Method under different potassium levels.
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Drainage of Irrigated Lands

Effects of manure and fertilizer on soil fertility and soil quality

Environmental Chemistry

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Guidelines for Soil Description

Handbook of Microbiological Media - Fourth Edition

Methods of soil, plant and water analysis - third edition

Methods of soil analysis used in the soil testing laboratory at oregon state university

Mycorrhizae-sustainable agriculture and forestry

Performance Assessment of Subsurface Drainage Systems.

Current Evaluation Procedures for Fertilizers and Soil Conditions Used in Organic Agriculture.

The Future of Soil Science

The Importance of Soil Organic Matter

Soil Survey Harrison County, Ohio

The Health of Our Water
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