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Dr. Alaa Albably

Director of Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute

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Dr Bleegh Shendy

Director of Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute
Period:  1980 - 1983

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Gehan H. Youssef ; Wafaa M. El-Etr; Hanaa A. Zein El-abdeen and W. M. El-Farghal ( 2019). Evaluation of Some Synthetic Soil Conditioners and Nitrogen Rates on Nitrogen Use Efficiency by Maize - Wheat Crops System in Calcareous
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Hanaa, A. Zein El-Abdeen and Khaled, Y. Farroh ( 2019). Preparation and Characterization of Nano Organic Soil Conditioners and It's Effected on Sandy Soil Properties and Wheat Productivity.
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Newest MSC. Thesis
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Amin Ismail Hasan ( 2014).
Evaluation Of Slow Release N-Fertilizers In Comparison With Others N- Fertilizers In Some Soils Of Egypt.
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Mona Fekry Ghazal ( 2014).
Biochemical Activities of Some Domestic Bacterial Isolates Against Some Root Rot Fungi Of Common Bean.
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Newest PHD. Thesis
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Ibrahim Abdel Aziem El- Akhdar ( 2014).
Role Of Some N2- Fixing microorganisms On Wheat Productivity Under Salt Stress.
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Esam Sayed Kasem Zorkany( 2014).
Scheduling Irrigation of Corn (Zea Maize Using The Evaporation Pan Method under different potassium levels.
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1st International Conference of Agricultural Microbiology

Published in: 2015-09-24

Arranged by: IT Unit

Biotechnology and its applications in the field of sustainable agricultural development
Organized by Soils, Water and Environmental Res. Inst, (SWERI)
Agriculture Research Center, (ARC) Giza, Egypt.
1-3 March 2016

On behave of the Agricultural Microbiology Research Department, with pleasure; I would like to invite Colleagues, Researchers Scientists and Experts working in the field of agricultural and environmental sciences, attending and contributing on INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Biotechnology and its applications in the field of sustainable agricultural development”

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